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Dalai Lama Plans Costa Rica Visit

THE Dalai Lama plans to visit CostaRica in late September, and speak to thecountry’s religious and political leadersand hold public talks with names such as“Internal Peace, Universal Peace,” and“Ethic for a New Millenium.”The Dalai Lama will come at the invitationof President Abel Pacheco and theTibetan-Costa Rican Cultural Association.It will be his second visit to the country.According to the association, the DalaiLama has mentioned Costa Rica more thanoccasionally in public conferences aroundthe world. He has highlighted the award ofthe Nobel Peace Prize in 1987 to formerPresident Oscar Arias, the country’s recordas an exemplary democracy with no army,and its concern for respecting human rightsand the natural environment.He is scheduled to give his first talkSept. 26 at the National Theater at 4 p.m.,then speak at the University of Costa RicaSept. 27 at 8:30 a.m., followed by a fullday of events in the Children’s MuseumSept. 28.For more information call the Tibetan-Costa Rican Cultural Association at 258-0254.


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