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Students’ Art Commemorates Victims of Terrorism

NINTH-grade art students at LincolnSchool, a bilingual institution in Moravia,a suburb northeast of San José, developeda project this year in which they investigatedterrorism as an issue that has affectedpeople around the world. The studentsexamined the Sept. 11, 2001, terroristattacks in the United States, the March 11,2004, train bombing in Madrid, Spain,and the September 2004 school massacrein Beslan, Russia.After researching these tragic events,students worked together in teams to createcommemorative paintings honoring thevictims of these terrorist actions. Each studentworked on one panel of the painting,and all the students’ panels were puttogether to make the final piece. The projectinvolved a great deal of organizedteamwork by the students, as they had tomake sure the colors and shapes of theirpanel matched those of their classmates.The 48 students who worked togetheron the project, along with their art teacher,Richard Dewey, and the school’s generaldirector, Jack Bimrose, will present theworks to the embassies of Russia, Spainand the United States on June 13.For information, contact Richard Deweyat 247-0800 or


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