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IMAX to Open Theater in Costa Rica

AFTER a day of surfing, zip-lining,mountain biking, shooting picturesof wild animals and hiking activevolcanoes – a run-of-the-mill weekendin Costa Rica – Costa Ricans will soonbe able to relax afterward and watchpeople do those same things on a hugeIMAX screen.The IMAX Corporation announcedan agreement with Costa Rica’sRepretel (Channel 6) last month toinstall its theater system at a multiplexin San José.The corporation also plans to opena theater in Guatemala City, Guatemala.The deals reflect the interestIMAX is seeing worldwide in installingits huge screens.In just the past two months, IMAXhas announced a series of deals for multiplex-based IMAX theaters in Europe,Asia and the Middle East. The agreementsannounced last month broadenthe company’s footprint in the rapidlydeveloping Latin American market,increasing to five the number of countriesin the region scheduled to have anIMAX theater by the end of 2007.


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