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New Art Gallery in Monteverde

KNOWN for its lushcloud forest and naturalbeauty, the mountaintown of Monteverde, inthe north-central regionof the country, has a newart gallery showcasingbeauty of the manmadekind.Galería Woods is theenterprise of CarlosCruz, who has taken theinitiative to offer touristsa “real” gallery as a high-qualityalternative to therun-of-the-mill souvenirshop.The gallery offers apermanent exhibit ofsculptures and paintingsthat visitors can purchaseor simply enjoy. Cruz isstriving to offer work byrecognized national artistsand to compete with theSan José gallery scene.Currently on displayare works by painterGuillermo Trejos-Cob,who studied at theSchool of Plastic Arts ofthe University of CostaRica. His works havebeen exhibited throughoutthe country, and formpart of private collectionsaround the world.“Galería Woods is an excellent space,” Trejos-Cob said. “It fills a demand in thisregion so popular with tourists, and without a doubt provides Monteverde with a high culturalvalue.”For more information, contact Carlos Cruz at 826-8080 or 645-5069, or


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