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Ozric Tentacles Brings Space Rock to San José

FANS of psychedelic, progressive,fusion, electronic and jam-band rockshould be excited to note that tonight CostaRica will be welcoming the prolific OzricTentacles from the United Kingdom.Fresh off arare U.S. tourand a stop at theBAJAPROG festivalin Mexico,the group’smusic is describedas progressivepsychedelicspace rockwith ethnic influences,as well astrance and dubsounds. It hasbeen comparedto the likes ofPink Floyd andFrank Zappa, and is known for its expansiveinstrumentals and Floyd-like laserlight shows.“If you have seen them before,” saidpromoter Darren Mora, “you are not goingto be disappointed. It will not just be theband playing on stage.”Mora, who has brought other big-namerock groups, including Sepultura and theMisfits, to Costa Rica, promises a visuallyenthralling show in a picturesque venue.THE concert will take place at theINBioParque amphitheater in SantoDomingo de Heredia, north of San José – avenue described by Mora as “a perfectlocation for the show” offering “access bybus, plenty of parking space and a wonderfulnatural atmosphere with a lake andbotanical park as a backdrop for the concert.”Fans canexpect an intimatesetting, asthe amphitheaterhas only a 500-person capacity.The band isin the middle of aworld tour in celebrationof its20th year togetherand the releaseof its 25th album,Spirals in Hyperspace,last year.The group receivedacclaimfor its most recent shows in the UnitedStates, where it was joined by Hal Waters,son of former Pink Floyd front man RogerWaters.Local progressive rock group Antimateriawill open for Ozric Tentacles.Tickets cost ¢8,500 ($18) and can be purchasedat INBioParque and at Mora Books,one block north of the Plaza de Cultura inSan José. For more information, call MoraBooks at 255-4136 or e-mail


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