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“South Pacific” Comes to South Pacific

WAR and cross-cultural dating inmusical form have come to Costa Rica’ssouthern Pacific, with the Dominical LittleTheatre Group performing Rodgers andHammerstein’s “South Pacific.”“It is an ambitious project that theentire community is getting involved in,”said director Mónica Pérez, who headed uplast year’s production of “The Fantasticks”as well.As expected, an international cast andcrew have banded together in the littlecoastal town, and many bring talents fromtheir former or double lives outside ofDominical. The cast this year is 32 strong,including Costa Ricans, North Americans,a Nicaraguan and a Dutch.“Local artists are coming together tocreate gorgeous scenic art,” Pérez said.“We’ve got a French vocal coach, and ateam of seamstresses who will be creating72 costumes. One of our seamstressesworked many years for the Globe Theaterin San Diego.”The original production opened at NewYork City’s Majestic Theater April 7, 1949,and closed five years later after a run of1,928 performances, making it the secondlongest-running musical of the decade.The work is an adaptation of two shortstories by James Michener, combiningthem into the overlapping account of twobudding love affairs during World War IIbetween Lieutenant Joe Cable and a youngPolynesian girl, and U.S. Navy nurseNellie Forbush and a French planter with acomplicated past, Emile De Becque.Forbush and De Becque endure thetantrums of love, breakups and returns,while Cable tries to convince theFrenchman to help him establish a coastwatch on a nearby Japanese-held island.The two men finally embark, stalkthrough the enemy’s island and relay theinformation to the Americans, which helpsthem destroy 20 Japanese ships and pavethe way for an invasion of 14 Japaneseheldislands. But it’s a dangerous mission,and only one of them returns.The Dominical Little Theatre Group’sproduction opens April 5, with additionalshowings April 6, 7, 10-12, 14 and 15, atthe Hotel Roca Verde in Playa Dominical.Reception starts at 5:30 p.m., curtain at 7p.m. Tickets are on sale now. Reservedseating is available for ¢3,000 ($6.45);general admission is ¢2,000 ($4.30). Forreservations and info, call 787-8017.


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