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Man Killed after Refusing To Give Money to Beggar

A homeless man police say has anample criminal background allegedlystabbed to death a 26-year-old man indowntown San José because he would notgive him a handout, the Public SecurityMinistry reported.The incident took place near midnightSunday night, as cook Gerardo Alfarowalked home from work accompanied byhis wife. When Alfaro refused the homelessman’s request for money, the man,identified by the last name of Arguedas,stabbed him in the stomach.Police arrested Arguedas minutes afterthe crime, while Alfaro, the father of a 4-year-old, died after arriving at San Juande Dios Hospital in San José.The San José Penal Court orderedthree months of preventive detention forArguedas, according to a Judicial Branchstatement.Police said the alleged killer, knownas “Carnita,” has been arrested on multipleoccasions for homicide, car theft,petty theft and immoral acts.Arguedas was sentenced to six monthsin jail in 1997 for armed violence and toone year for theft in August 2002.


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