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Legislator Held Hostage At Neighborhood School

LEGISLATIVE Assembly memberRodolfo Delgado, of the Social ChristianUnity Party (PUSC), stopped by hisneighborhood school Tuesday in Jerico deDesamparados, 15 kilometers south ofSan José, to discuss personnel problemswith teachers and residents – and wasbriefly held hostage.The meeting’s other participantsrefused to let Delgado leave until the matterwas resolved. They said the school,which has 101 students, is operating withonly two teachers and is missing a thirdteacher, a principal, a cook and someoneto clean, according to wire service EFE.“They obstructed (Delgado’s) exit,”party spokesman Henry Méndez told TheTico Times. “He was kept there forapproximately two hours.”The Ministry of Public Education hasnot yet provided the personnel. Delays inthe naming and notification of school staffmembers have caused problems throughoutthe country since school started Feb. 7(TT, Feb. 11).The impromptu, non-violent hostagesituation ended when the Ministry ofEducation promised to appointed the necessarypersonnel, according to Méndez.


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