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President in Hospital With Chest Pains

PRESIDENT Abel Pacheco, 71, wastaken to the Calderón Guardia Hospital inSan José yesterday because of chest pains,but was reported in stable condition.Dr. Manuel Eduardo Sáenz, Pacheco’scardiologist, said in a statement thatPacheco is completely conscious and ingood spirits, and is not suffering anyphysical or mental incapacity thatimpedes him from fulfilling his presidentialduties.Doctors planned to conduct additionaltests yesterday and today.During a radio program on RadioMonumental, the President’s son, FabiánPacheco, confirmed to a reporter that hisfather’s condition is stable and he wascalm, but said the President couldn’t talkat that time.Doctors performed an emergencyevaluation of his condition after PresidentPacheco arrived at the hospital at 8:30a.m. yesterday. Pacheco has maintainedcontact with his office and Vice-PresidentLineth Saborío.“The results of all of the exams areextremely satisfactory, but because he isthe President of the Republic we have totake doubly preventive measures,”Saborío said.


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