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Teachers to Receive Training in Recorder

IN an effort to promote musical education in schools, Juan Bansbach Instrumentos Musicales will provide teachers in Costa Rica with instruction on the recorder.

The music store, which also offers lessons, signed an agreement of this nature with Minister of Education Manuel Bolaños last week, the Ministry of Public Education announced.

The recorder is an excellent way to introduce music and music theory to students, according to Bolaños.

The Ministry has used the recorder in music lessons for more than 30 years because study can bring understanding of basic music techniques, according to Ministry officials. The instrument also is economically affordable.

Colombian José Hernando Cobo, a flute expert, will instruct teachers on the instrument in three-day seminars during the month of June. Participating teachers will then share the lessons with their students.

Bolaños said he hopes the program will help inspire enthusiasm for music among students.



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