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Hair Removal Techniques just got Easier

PAULINE Feder has spent years removing unwanted hair through painful waxing treatments every few weeks. With every rip of hair pulled from her body, she grimaces and waits for a painless permanent removal technology to come to Costa Rica that could help rid her of this beauty chore. Feder’s wait is over.

The Beauty Club Petite Spa at the CountryPlaza in Escazú now offers Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments – a state-of-the-art technology that not only removes body hair permanently, but also is used for various skin ailments including the removal of aging spots, fine lines, rosacea, sun damage, broken capillaries and acne treatment.

“While taking away unwanted hair, it also rejuvenates the skin and its cells” said Sean Wintraub, owner and manager of the Beauty Club.

The IPL technology is unlike the tradition laser treatments in that it covers a wider area, takes less time to complete and is considered gentler, according to promoters.

“To me, it’s less pain than the other (hair removal) treatments,” Feder said.

“It’s supposed to feel like a small prick.”

IN fact, lasers treat areas of about 1 cm by 1 cm at a time, but the IPL technology can treat areas as large as 16 cm by 46 cm – which reduces the time and cost. The pulsating light flashes can penetrate the skin, getting through to the lower layers of the epidermis, Wintraub said.

“It’s multi-functional,” he added. “It not only gets to the root of the hair, but the same technology regenerates the cells.”

The cell regeneration is what makes the technology useful for skin damage, giving the body a fresh, younger look.

The IPL machinery also allows adjustments for various skin types (very light to dark) – something traditional lasers lack.

EVEN though IPL has been widely written about in popular women’s magazines, this is the first of the technology in Costa Rica.

“I’ve done the research,” said Feder, a New York native. “It’s the new up-andcoming thing.”

And the new treatment comes at a reduced cost.

“Even though it’s the same technology and the same applications, we are offering it below half of what they offer it in the United States and Canada,” Wintraub said.

The estheticians of the salon are training with Dr. Robert Mindell, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon from Arizona, through April 27 with the machinery.

Mindell is a pioneer in the field and has been using laser and various IPL devices for more than 14 years.

FEDER is confident in Wintraub’s staff and has no qualms about IPL being applied by the technicians.

“He runs a first-class operation,” she said. “His staff is professionally trained. I would have no fear whatsoever.”

Even before the technicians were trained, about 50 people signed up for the treatment at the spa.

IN the last few weeks through discussions, a mix of people heard about it and signed up for it,” Wintraub said. “Others are interested but want to see it and the results first and have a consultation before trying it.”

For more info or for appointments, call the Beauty Club Petite Spa at 288-0059.



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