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In the above Costa Rica News Recap video, we’ll be diving into three captivating stories that showcase the diverse challenges and opportunities facing the country. From the introduction of a new personal-sized pineapple variety to the controversy surrounding a proposed airport in the Southern Zone, and the ongoing efforts to protect the endangered Jabiru, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive look at these important issues. Join us as we uncover the details and implications of these stories and discover how they shape the future of Costa Rica’s natural and cultural heritage.

Precious Honeyglow: Costa Rica’s Personal-Sized Pineapple

Fresh Del Monte has introduced a new personal-sized pineapple called Precious Honeyglow, ideal for single-person households. Cultivated in Costa Rica, this variety joins the likes of Honeyglow, Pinkglow, and Rubyglow. Exclusively available in the U.S., Precious Honeyglow aims to reduce food waste by catering to the increasing trend of single-person households, which now represent over 28% of U.S. homes.

Recognized for its enhanced sweetness and golden hue, this pineapple is allowed to ripen naturally on the plant longer than usual. This launch reflects Fresh Del Monte’s response to survey findings that smaller households prefer smaller pineapples to minimize waste. While the company faces challenges with unauthorized sales of other varieties in Costa Rica, Precious Honeyglow offers a legal and tailored solution to meet consumer preferences both in the U.S. and potentially in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica’s Southern Zone Airport Plan Faces Strong Opposition from Locals

The Costa Rican government’s plan to build a new airport in the Southern Zone, overlapping the UNESCO-listed Diquís Delta area, has sparked significant local opposition. According to Mongabay News, community members are protesting the project due to its potential to destroy sacred land rich in pre-Columbian artifacts and displace approximately 350 families. Concerns extend to the environmental impact on the Terraba Sierpe National Wetlands, a crucial habitat for diverse species.

Critics argue that the tourism model promoted by the airport could lead to cultural appropriation and environmental degradation, mirroring concerns seen in other heavily visited areas like Guanacaste. Despite a negative environmental assessment from SETENA highlighting risks to waterways and vulnerability to extreme events, the government persists with its plans. Locals are now considering legal actions to protect their heritage and environment from the perceived invasive development.

Protecting Costa Rica’s Endangered Jabiru: A Call for Community Support

Recent reports from the Arenal Conservation Area in Costa Rica have highlighted an increase in Jabiru sightings in the Bagaces, Cañas, and Abangares areas. However, concerns have arisen due to observed plumage damage, prompting an investigation by MINAE-SINAC and wildlife experts into potential causes and effects on the Jabiru population.

Officials urge the public to avoid interacting with these birds to aid their recovery. The Jabiru, an endangered species found only in Guanacaste and the Northern Caribbean, is one of Costa Rica’s largest birds, with fewer than 100 individuals remaining due to habitat degradation and other environmental pressures. The community is encouraged to report any harmful activities via the SITADA website or by calling 1192 to help protect this vital species

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