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Little has changed 1 year after slaying of Costa Rica conservationist Jairo Mora

One year has passed since 26-year-old sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora was murdered on Moín Beach, but little has changed for the beach's turtles or those who try to protect them.

Police have saved 2,276 sea turtle eggs from poachers on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast

Every year, from late February through July, leatherback sea turtles haul themselves onto Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast to lay their eggs, and every year, egg poachers are there to greet them.

Struggling sea turtle program seeks funding

It’s been almost a year since the murder of sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, and sea turtle programs across the country are still feeling the squeeze from a decrease in volunteers. One group is turning to a contest that could help them get a bump in funding.

Why Jairo died

Documents recently obtained by The Tico Times in the investigation of Jairo Mora’s death help unravel the mystery behind the murder of a young Costa Rican conservationist who once worked peacefully with poachers on the beach he tried to protect.

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