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When Fishing in Costa Rica – Leave the Fish in the Water

The regulations are far from perfect in this country, and way too many billfish die each year as bycatch in commercial operations, but that does not give us the right to not follow the regulations in place. It is not difficult at all to leave them in the water and still get a good hero shot.

Costa Rica Young Biologist’s only Sailfishing Trophies are Tissue Samples

Beatriz Naranjo spends a lot of time on sportfishing boats, but not to catch fish. All she does is tag them and take a tissue sample. She has 800 so far.

Tarpon in the Costa Rica Pacific? Are there illegal aliens among us?

The day I saw a tarpon roll and take a gulp of air a few yards from my boat in the Golfo Dulce, I thought I had lost my mind. Tarpon are not indigenous to the Pacific Ocean and it wasn’t supposed to be there. But I knew what I saw.

Reader not fond of ‘torturing fish’ — but sportfishing isn’t the problem

Todd Staley relaunches his Tico Times fishing column with a warning that non-selective and non-sustainable types of commercial fishing are severely depleting the world's oceans.

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