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Costa Rica expands network of tsunami-alert sirens in ocean towns

Costa Rica's National Emergency Commission (CNE) is installing tsunami-alert sirens in five Puntarenas towns, the institution announced this week.

Magnitude 7.5 earthquake shakes southern Mexico, prompting tsunami alert

The US government issued a tsunami warning for the Pacific coast of Mexico and Central and South America. Costa Rica is not at risk, the National Emergency Commission said.

U.S. Embassy tweet of supposed tsunami causes alarm in El Salvador, Central America

The Tsunami Advisory Center for Central America (CATAC), based in the INETER of Nicaragua, clarified that "it has not registered any event that could generate a tsunami."

PHOTOS: Chile recovers from quake ‘nightmare’, 11 dead so far

ILLAPEL, Chile – Rattled Chileans recounted a night of terrifying aftershocks on Thursday after a powerful quake struck offshore, killing at least 11 and triggering tsunami waves that ravaged stretches of the coast.

Powerful Chile quake kills at least eight, 1 million evacuated

The death toll has reached 8 in what is considered the sixth most powerful quake in the history of geologically volatile Chile and the strongest anywhere in the world this year.

Chile tsunami alert following massive quake likely won’t affect Costa Rica

A tsunami watch was issued for Hawaii by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, but so far Costa Rica has not issued any warnings for its coast, according to Silvia Chacón, oceanographer and coordinator for the National Tsunami Monitoring System at Costa Rica's National University.

Strong Chile earthquake triggers tsunami alert

SANTIAGO, Chile – A strong earthquake struck the center of Chile on Wednesday, local seismologists said, triggering a tsunami alert along the entire coastline and sparking panic and shaking buildings in the capital.

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