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Truck drivers' protest

Government predicts end to blockades following agreement with transportation sector

Costa Rican truck drivers had been protesting a new value-added tax, which applies a 13% duty to services that had previously been excluded. 

Authorities clear roads overnight after President Alvarado’s address

"This is a high-risk operative," Soto said. "These activities followed a repeated call to dialogue." 

President Alvarado addresses Costa Rican protests, urges peace and dialogue

Alvarado ended with a more forceful message apparently directed at sectors that have shut down roads and highways across Costa Rica. 

Tourism Board launches hotline for visitors affected by protests; Education Minister resigns

ICT estimates 83,000 international tourists are in Costa Rica.

Truck drivers demand better working conditions at Costa Rica’s docks

Transporters offering services at Costa Rica's docks say they are being exploited by multinational companies that make them work excessive hours and pay unfair rates.

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