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Alajuela Walking Tours bring city’s secrets to light

Alajuela Walking Tours explore this fascinating city's little-known history — scandals, crimes, heroes and hidden treasures.

Tortuguero, Costa Rica: Monkeys, Toucans and Caimans

Acrobatic monkeys, toothy caimans, poisonous frogs, resplendent toucans: It's all in a day's tour of the canals of Tortuguero.

Costa Rica of yesteryear is just 20 minutes from Jacó

If you’re looking for a break from Jacó’s non-stop action, the beach town’s antithesis is just eighteen kilometers away. As close as that is,...

History makes Sibú chocolate tour even tastier

When we arrived at Sibú, Julio Fernandez Amón handed us a cup of hot chocolate. But this was not the Swiss Miss cocoa we...

Lazy bears: Just hangin’ out

Whether they’re called “sloths” or “osos perezosos” (“lazy bears”), these slow-moving mammals have never earned a flattering name. But sloths are unperturbed by pretty...

Walking Around: Refugees Are Like You Or Me

On the outside wall of Costa Rica's National Assembly I found this phrase:   "Refugees are like you or me, with just one difference: they have...

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