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Toño Pizote

Costa Rican cities overrun with adorable coatis

They are coming for your food, for your pet’s food and for your garbage. With their cute little turned-up noses, bushy tails and adorable squeaking sounds, the coatis (Nasua narica) are coming in droves.

Severe blaze extinguished in Chirripó National Park, but forest fire still rages in surrounding area

Firefighters have extinguished a severe forest fire in Chirripó National Park in Costa Rica's southeastern region. The fire burned through a total of eight hectares of the park, and is still raging in the mountains surrounding the park.

Costa Rica’s ‘Toño the Pizote’ wants a summer without forest fires

With the approach of Costa Rica’s driest time of the year, propaganda to prevent forest fires has begun flying. Spearheaded by Costa Rica’s own version of Smokey Bear, Toño the Pizote, the “Summer Without Forest Fires” campaign launched on Wednesday.

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