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therapeutic abortion

Therapeutic abortion, part II: paper vs. practice

Part II of a three-part series published in English at The Tico Times by permission of journalism student Paula Umaña; the mentoring program Punto...

Prison sentence for abortion in El Salvador draws attention to Central American laws

Central American women face varying laws on abortion and women's health.

Therapeutic abortion: a Costa Rican right ensnared in doubts and fears

Part I in a three-part series on obstacles to therapeutic abortion in Costa Rica.

Pope Francis allows for expanded forgiveness for abortions

Pope Francis said Tuesday that during a special "year of mercy" he's designated that all priests would have the right to hear confession for abortion. Is it a symbolic gesture?

Four arrested in protest against El Salvador abortion laws

Salvadoran law provides for a sentence of two to eight years in prison for induced abortion. But if a spontaneous abortion is considered to be self-induced, the woman can be prosecuted for murder and face a sentence of up to 50 years in prison.

Costa Rica violates women’s human rights in therapeutic abortion cases, say complaints at Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

The complaints “seek to expose the government’s systematic failures in providing women with a protocol to handle therapeutic abortion requests when the health and lives of women are endangered.”

Abortion and politics on the campaign trail

Last week, ruling party presidential candidate Johnny Araya tried to claim the mantle of family values, accusing opposition candidate Luis Guillermo Solís of having a different position than that of his own Citizen Action Party. While the abortion question could prove combustible in Costa Rica, Araya is not well positioned to strike the match.

Anti-abortion parade brings 200,000 Catholics to San José

In staging yet another protest, Costa Rica's Catholic Church aims to be heard during campaign season.

Costa Rican woman denied therapeutic abortion petitions Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Doctors at a public hospital in Costa Rica refused to perform a therapeutic abortion last November, saying the woman's life was not at risk.

Social conservatives march against abortion, gay rights

Thousands of Evangelical Christians, Catholics and social conservatives in Costa Rica mobilized against perceived threats to the "traditional" family and pushed a constitutional amendment to define marriage between a man and woman.

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