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Taxi fares

The Ultimate Guide to Taxis in Costa Rica

Need to know how to get a ride in Costa Rica? We compiled this guide.

Taxi fares in Costa Rica to drop again

Taxi fares in Costa Rica will drop 3 to 20 percent following new guidelines from the Public Services Regulatory Authority, despite opposition from drivers.

Regulatory Authority proposes reduction in taxi fares

A reduction would bring taxi fares closer to those offered by Uber. Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solís has said Uber is operating illegally in the country.

Higher gas prices, taxi fares in Costa Rica start Friday

The Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) approved a ₡15 hike in regular per-kilometer taxi fares and a ₡2 to ₡3 increase in per-liter fuel prices.

Regulatory Authority to propose single fare for all types of taxis

ARESEP on Tuesday will propose to average the costs of each of the different types of vehicles used for taxi services and then set a single rate.

Anti-Uber protests peaceful in Costa Rica, violent in Mexico City

The National Forum of Taxi Drivers announced an alliance last week with other taxi associations in Central America and Colombia to “declare war” on the disruptive ride-sharing app. Meanwhile, Uber is hiring in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica taxi fares to drop

Lower fares will apply for all taxis in the country including those in rural areas and taxis providing transportation at the Juan Santamaría International Airport.

Regulatory Authority proposes reducing taxi fares

The taxi drivers' union says the union will not accept the fare reduction. Drivers plan to protest next week.

Costa Rican taxi drivers, language-school workers arrested in fake English diploma scam

Police also confiscated documents related to 100 taxi permits issued last week.

Regulatory authority cancels concession for taxi service at the Juan Santamaria International Airport

A company that operates taxis at the international airport outside San José was caught failing to use taximeters, known as marias in Spanish.

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