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Costa Rican organizations launch suicide prevention campaign

The national suicide rate in Costa Rica rose to 7.2 per 100,000 people in 2018.

MOPT installing anti-suicide barriers over Saprissa bridge

Installation began earlier this month and will finish before October.

US expat Ann Patton faces third murder trial in Costa Rica 

Five years and now on her third trial for murder, Patton has never wavered in proclaiming her innocence. She said that this trial would finally be the one to absolve her of any wrongdoing.

Murder-suicide by plane: What drove Lubitz to do it?

Experts agree there are numerous reasons people take their own lives. But what about a suicidal pilot who takes a plane full of passengers with him?

Latin American trafficking ring disrupted after death of minor in Mexico

Twelve-year-old Noemi Álvarez, from Ecuador, took her life at a shelter in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico in March 2014, several days after she was raped, allegedly by traffickers.

Costa Rican lawmakers submit anti-bullying bill

Legislators from three parties on Thursday submitted a draft aimed to prevent, respond to and eventually eradicate bullying in Costa Rican schools.

An average of 315 Costa Ricans commit suicide every year, report says

The report, “Suicide Mortality in the Americas: Regional Report,” released in late October, includes data from 48 countries and states that Central America has the lowest suicide rates behind South America and North America.

University of Costa Rica calls for national mental health survey

A 10,000-household survey seeks to fill an "important" gap in Costa Rica's data on Ticos' mental health, including migrants, ethnic minorities, LBGT people and children.

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