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shrimp trawling ban

Costa Rica lawmakers sink trawling project

A majority of lawmakers this week supported President Carlos Alvarado’s veto of a controversial project that would have authorized trawl fishing in Costa Rican waters.

President Carlos Alvarado vetoes Costa Rica’s controversial trawling project

President Carlos Alvarado on Friday announced that he has vetoed a project that would authorize trawl fishing in Costa Rican waters. 

Costa Rican Congress approves controversial trawling law

The new legislation sets in motion the process to resume trawling in Costa Rica, a country that prides itself on its environmental policies.

The Good Witches of Puntarenas Costa Rica

Ferimar Navidena 2019 in Puntarenas is a three-day festival starting Friday, Nov. 29 through Sunday Dec. 1.

In Search of Sustainable Seafood in Playa Grande

Even in Playa Grande -- the last mass nesting beach in the Eastern Pacific for critically endangered leatherbacks -- menus largely feature seafood caught by longlines and trawling nets, fishing practices that have devastating impacts on sea turtles.

Solís administration backs down from bill to reinstate shrimp trawling

Facing opposition from lawmakers and pressure from environmental groups, government fishing authorities pulled a controversial shrimp trawling bill from the legislative agenda last week. If passed, the bill would have reinstated shrimp trawling in Costa Rican waters.

New bill could bring shrimp trawling back to Costa Rica – depending on whom you ask

The Bill for the Development and Sustainable Exploitation of Shrimp in Costa Rica, drafted and submitted by President Luis Guillermo Solís’ administration, would allow shrimp trawlers to reinstate banned licenses while the government conducts economic and environmental studies.

Shrimpers protest trawling ban

Carrying signs, horns and noisemakers, hundreds of shrimp fishermen marched outside the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday to protest the permanent expiration of another shrimp trawling license following the country's trawling ban.

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