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Rust fungus

UN Agency in Costa Rica: Calls for Eco-Approach To Coffee Fungus

The U.N. conference was held in Costa Rica and brought together policymakers from across Central America to discuss sustainable ways to keep coffee rust, or roya, at bay.

Starbucks shares decade of research with Costa Rica coffee institute

Starbucks is better known for serving coffee than growing it, but one day your latte might be made with coffee developed by the Seattle-based company here in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica coffee among the most recognized by US coffee drinkers

Costa Rica is the third most recognized coffee-producing country for consumers in the United States, behind Colombia and Brazil, according to a survey by the National Coffee Association, released last week.

New Anacafé chief: Guatemalan state must do more to finance battle against coffee rust

The government needs to wake up and smell the reality, says head of Guatemala coffee growers association.

New smartphone app lets farmers crowdsource coffee fungus alerts

A new smart phone app could help warn coffee farmers in Costa Rica about an impending outbreak of the fungus roya, or other pests. Developed by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Satcafe crowdsources information from farmers across Central America to help avoid another region-wide coffee plague.

Costa Rica expects 7 percent higher yields in next coffee harvest

The Costa Rican Coffee Institute (ICAFÉ) on Tuesday said current estimates indicate the 2014-2015 coffee harvest will be better than the previous season, due mostly to the implementation of better agricultural practices and actions to control rust fungus.

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