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Costa Rican journalist attacked, injured by mob at crime scene

Telenoticias reporter Álvaro Sánchez was attacked by a mob while covering a news story on Monday night in Desamparados, south of Costa Rica's capital. He suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon.

Solís looks to reset relations with Costa Rican media

Solís signed the Declaration of Chapultepec on Wednesday, a commitment that "No law or act of government may limit freedom of expression or of the press, whatever the medium.”

Venezuelan newspapers at risk of closure, says press group

MIAMI – Several Venezuelan newspapers are at risk of imminent closure, the Inter-American Press Association warned Thursday, accusing leftist President Nicolás Maduro of impeding access to newsprint and discriminating against publications critical of his government.

Government backpedals on media reform bill amid outcry

Telecommunications authorities found themselves in the baffling position of having to explain how and why provisions that the government said it opposed had made it into its own draft bill.

Attacks on Mexico journalists surge, says rights group

MEXICO CITY – Attacks on journalists in Mexico have surged during President Enrique Peña Nieto's first two years in power, with assaults reported every 26.7 hours, a press freedom group said Tuesday.

Organized crime and local power struggles blamed in murder of three Guatemalan journalists

Two journalists were murdered in the city of Mazatenango on March 10 and a third on March 13 in the nearby town of Chicacao. Guatemalan Interior Minister Mauricio López said Monday that the recent crimes could be related to a drug trafficking ring that operates in the area.

Legislative Assembly reverses order restricting access to information

The order restricting access to information was signed by members of the Legislative Assembly's directorate on Dec. 10, 2014. However it wasn't disclosed to Assembly members until an internal memo went out in early February.

Costa Rica press freedoms ‘enviable,’ says Reporters Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders ranked Costa Rica 16th out of 180 countries surveyed in its annual press freedom index. The ranking is Costa Rica’s best showing since 2002, when the country was listed at 15th, despite police intercepting phone records from a journalist at the daily Diario Extra.

Liberation lawmaker claims recent Assembly policies limit press freedom

National Liberation Party lawmaker Rolando González Ulloa on Wednesday morning filed an appeal with the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, that challenges a directive by the Legislative Assembly's directorate prohibiting officials from providing information or statements to the press without approval by the Assembly’s executive director.

Honduran journalist travels to Costa Rica to denounce death threats, beating back home

“The justice system in my country doesn’t work – at least not for people or for journalists who are against government corruption.”

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