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Lana Del Rey evokes classic singers in dark ‘Honeymoon’

In her highly anticipated fourth album released Friday, Lana Del Rey returns to the somber, cinematic sound that has made her among the most unique and complicated recent pop sensations.

Keith Richards says ‘Sgt. Pepper’ was ‘rubbish’

NEW YORK – Half a century later, the famous rivalry between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones may not be over.

Michael Jackson fans: 20 unfinished tracks are stored on sound engineer’s computer

"For the moment, we are thinking more about bringing out new songs every six months," Michael Durham Prince told the French newspaper Le Parisien.

Bowie to bring space epic to New York stage

Based on the novel by Walter Tevis, the 1976 film "The Man Who Fell to Earth" starred David Bowie as a humanoid who lands on Earth in search of water for his parched planet and becomes enamored with alcohol and television.

Shakira, as charming as ever

Is there anyone alive who doesn't have a special, secret fondness for Shakira? Besides maybe that famously angry sea lion who attacked the singer in 2012 and was presumably unaware of her selfless work with the United Nations and had probably never even heard "She Wolf," because he would have really liked it.

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