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WATCH: Sea turtles come ashore to nest by the thousands at Costa Rica’s Ostional beach

On Dec. 4, thousands of olive ridley sea turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) came ashore in the latest arribada, a mass nesting of the turtles that lasts several days.

Meet Ostional National Wildlife Reserve sea turtle researcher Hellen Lobo

PLAYA OSTIONAL, Guanacaste – For tourists, the beaches of Costa Rica are known as a prime location for rest and relaxation, but they’re the exact opposite for Hellen Lobo, a conservation biologist. For Lobo, the volcanic sand beaches of Ostional National Wildlife Reserve are a place where she works long hours researching, recording and writing.

Toasting with turtle eggs: It’s legal in Ostional

PLAYA OSTIONAL, Guanacaste – Gallo pinto, casados, and corn tamales are some of the most common dishes served in Costa Rica. But there’s another food in which many Ticos also indulge: sea turtle eggs.

Protecting Sea Turtle life in Costa Rica: The survival of 2 species

PLAYA OSTIONAL, Guanacaste – Sea foam laps the shore as the sun rises over the ocean. It’s 5 a.m. on a calm, beautiful morning, but the residents of Ostional aren’t out to enjoy a leisurely walk on the beach – they’re hard at work.

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