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Authorities begin investigation into Costa Rica data analysis unit for fear of privacy breach

Crespo said that a technical and legal team of her agency will work during this week with the Presidency to determine if the work of UPAD violated the privacy of citizens.

Costa Rican lawmakers approve bill to ban sex with minors

The new law sets prison times up to six years and also bans marriage between people under 18 and between an adult and a minor.

Ombudsman’s Office urges health officials to curb noise pollution

Costa Rica's Ombudswoman Monserrat Solano Carboni said her office has received over 800 noise pollution complaints.

Relatives and friends of LGBT Costa Ricans speak out in new campaign

Costa Rica’s Ombudsman’s Office launched its latest human rights campaign Wednesday in support of LGBT people. The only thing missing was LGBT people.

When ‘politician’ is a dirty word

Politicians, who often accuse others of undermining their work, should be the first ones to realize that their words and statements have an impact. Serious damage is done when we make “politician” into an insult or, even worse, something that looks like a crime on someone’s résumé.

Lawmakers elect Montserrat Solano as Costa Rica’s new ombudswoman

After three rounds of voting, Costa Rican lawmakers on Tuesday night elected journalist Montserrat Solano Carboni as the country's new ombudswoman for the next four years.

Lawmakers announce top three candidates to lead Ombudsman’s Office

Costa Rica is a step closer to having a new boss at the Ombudsman's Office after a legislative commission narrowed down a list of candidates to three names.

Naming a new ombudsman could take weeks, Costa Rica Assembly president says

Legislative Assembly President Henry Mora on Monday evening asked the legislative appointments commission to immediately start the process of selecting candidates for ombudsman following the resignation Monday of Ofelia Taitelbaum.

Costa Rica’s ombudswoman resigns amid tax fraud probe

Ombudswoman Ofelia Taitelbaum on Monday morning submitted a letter of resignation to the Legislative Assembly just days after lawmakers and Judicial Investigation Police announced they would open an investigation into allegations that she had committed tax fraud.

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