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Ombudsman’s Office

Prosecutor’s Office raids Costa Rican presidency for alleged violation of citizens’ privacy

Eight people are being investigated as part of the case, including President Carlos Alvarado.

Authorities begin investigation into Costa Rica data analysis unit for fear of privacy breach

Crespo said that a technical and legal team of her agency will work during this week with the Presidency to determine if the work of UPAD violated the privacy of citizens.

Ombudsman’s Office opposes hikes in electricity rates for CNFL

The Ombudsman's Office called the hike petition excessive and said it would affect both households and businesses.

Costa Rican lawmakers approve bill to ban sex with minors

The new law sets prison times up to six years and also bans marriage between people under 18 and between an adult and a minor.

New campaign targets sexual harassment in public places

Six out of 10 women have been victims of sexual harassment in public spaces in Costa Rica, according to a survey by the University of Costa Rica.

Ombudsman’s Office urges health officials to curb noise pollution

Costa Rica's Ombudswoman Monserrat Solano Carboni said her office has received over 800 noise pollution complaints.

PHOTOS: A look inside Costa Rica’s San Rafael Prison

Inside cellblock A-2, simple wooden frame bunks line as much floor space as possible. Inmates, many shirtless in the heat, lounge on their bunks if they’re lucky enough to have a bunk. The cellblock is crowded – designed to hold 40 with 108 living inside – but people squeeze by each other like strangers on a crowded sidewalk. Anything that doesn’t fit on the floor hangs from the ceiling and the walls. “Just wait till nighttime,” says a toothless inmate doing a 30-year sentence who called himself Francisco, “that’s when it gets bad."

Prison overcrowding in Costa Rica jumps 50 percent in 10 years

In 2005, the country’s prisons were 4 percent overcrowded. Today there are an additional 4,793 people behind bars, bringing the overcrowding rate to 54 percent. There are a total of 13,923 people in prison in Costa Rica.

Relatives and friends of LGBT Costa Ricans speak out in new campaign

Costa Rica’s Ombudsman’s Office launched its latest human rights campaign Wednesday in support of LGBT people. The only thing missing was LGBT people.

Inefficiency in Costa Rica’s public health care system tops complaints at Ombudsman’s Office

In 2014, the Ombudsman’s Office received a total of 30,264 complaints, with more than half — 52 percent — filed by women. The figure also represents the largest number of annual complaints received in the last two decades.

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