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Ocean conservation

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson files human rights lawsuit against Costa Rica

Celebrity conservationist Paul Watson filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Costa Rica before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, alleging politically-motivated criminal charges.

Seaweed can help feed the world. But will we eat it? Recipe

Where there's sea, there's seaweed, and coastal people around the world have used it for food, medicine and animal feed for millennia. Should we all be eating more of it?

Costa Rica climate avenger takes questions on Reddit

The U.N.'s top climate negotiator, Christiana Figueres, a Costa Rican, told Reddit users Wednesday that she's optimistic for success at the upcoming Paris climate talks, but frustrated with the pace of progress. She also praised Costa Rica for "its extremely clean energy generation."

Tiny Monaco helps OAS launch effort to save oceans from ravages of climate change

Costa Rica is seen as a leader in ocean protection, despite the country's recent wobbling on shark conservation and sustainable fishing regulations.

Creating coral that can survive climate change

Scientists are working to develop strains of coral that will be able to withstand changing ocean conditions.

Half of marine life wiped out in 40 years: WWF

Pollution, industrial fishing and climate change have killed off half of marine life in the last four decades, according to a WWF report released Wednesday. A quarter of shark and ray species face extinction, largely due to overfishing.

WATCH: Researchers remove plastic straw from sea turtle’s nose

A turtle researcher recently posted a video on YouTube of her colleague removing a plastic drinking straw from the nostril of an olive ridley sea turtle off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The woman has started a GoFundMe campaign to develop first aid kits for sea turtles in distress.

Legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle releases first interview filmed at depth off Cocos Island

"Most of the ocean is cold and dark. Most of what is known about the ocean is in that upper 1,000 feet or so. You look at a spot on the map and if you only know what’s at the surface you don’t really know what’s going on, any more than you would know about New York City if you just looked at the tops of the buildings," said world-renowned oceanographer and explorer Sylvia Earle.

Wonkblog: Oceans now contain 5 trillion pieces of floating plastic

A major new study of the world's oceans has reached a shocking conclusion: Thanks to humans, there are now over 5 trillion pieces of plastic, weighing more than 250,000 tons, floating in water around the world.

‘Shark Smile’ illuminates stage and sea

Ex-Ánima’s real triumph is its technical sophistication: “Shark Smile” is a “black light” show, a style that started in Europe in the 1960s and has wowed audiences ever since.

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