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Dozens dead as new quake hits shattered Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nepal – A new earthquake and powerful aftershocks killed dozens of people and brought fresh terror to a traumatized Nepal on Tuesday as buildings already damaged in a monster quake last month came tumbling down.

Choppers rescue Everest avalanche victims

Eighteen deaths on the mountain so far make this is the deadliest disaster in Everest history. Many had travelled to Nepal for the start of the annual climbing season, which was cancelled last year after 16 sherpa guides were killed in what was previously the deadliest disaster in the mountain's history.

UPDATE: Thousands dead in Nepal quake, deadly avalanche on Everest

Officials said at least 876 people are known to have died in Nepal, making it the worst earthquake there in more than 80 years. Ten people were reportedly killed when an avalanche buried parts of Mount Everest's base camp in Nepal where hundreds of mountaineers have gathered at the start of the annual climbing season.

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