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Tour guides acquitted in rafting deaths

A Costa Rican court this week acquitted tour guides involved in a 2018 rafting accident that killed five people

Costa Rica’s Cup of Excellence has record-breaking auction 

The top-scoring coffee in Costa Rica's 2016 Cup of Excellence competition set a new record at auction, $59 per pound, the highest price paid since the competition began in 2007.

Naranjo: Where Costa Rica’s best coffee grows

NARANJO, Alajuela – Between the arts-and-crafts capital of Sarchí and the reveling festivities in Palmares lies the oft-overlooked town of Naranjo. Bundled into the high hills of the Central Valley northwest of the capital, Naranjo hardly gets more than a paragraph in most guide books. But the small town has its claim to fame: Naranjo is home to the best coffee in Costa Rica.

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