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Migrants in Costa Rica

Nicaraguans Learn to Swim to Overcome the Rio Bravo and Reach the U.S.

In a swimming pool, students form two parallel lines and churn the waters, creating a turbulent channel. Nicaraguan Darling Molina is training to later...

New Costa Rica Visa Requirements for Venezuelans

It just got more difficult to get into Costa Rica, especially for Venezuelans. Starting next week on February 21st anyone from Venezuela will need...

‘Help us’: migrant caravan sees Biden as only hope

Hungry and exhausted after three weeks walking across Mexico in a migrant caravan, Elsa Pineda implored US President Joe Biden to give her daughter...

Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic want US to curb Haitian migration

The presidents of Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic called on the United States Wednesday to take "concrete measures" to curb the migration...

LatAm countries coordinate in face of irregular migration wave

Faced with the endless flow of migrants, the Colombian and Panamanian authorities set quotas to let 500 people pass a day.

Costa Rica offers refuge to Afghan women

Costa Rica will welcome women fleeing Afghanistan in search of refuge, fearing that their rights will not be respected by the Taliban, said Vice President Epsy Campbell.

Far from the Mediterranean: African migrants cross the Americas

The route to the US passes through Panama and on northward through Central America.

Desperation and violence in Panama migrant camp

In 2019, 24,000 people crossed the inhospitable Darien jungle that straddles the border with Colombia. More than 4,000 people have made the dangerous journey this year.

Pandemic triggers tension in crowded migrant camps in Panama

Miseney, 37, is one of hundreds of Haitians who — unable to continue the journey north due to the coronavirus pandemic — is stuck in a Panamanian migrant shelter, where violence has exploded in recent days.

Panama seeks to bring migrants stranded by COVID-19 to Costa Rica

Panama intends to transport some 1,900 migrants closer to the border with Costa Rica.

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