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Mauricio Macri

Argentina opposition attacks Macri over Panama Papers

Argentine President Mauricio Macri's opponents attacked him Tuesday over his involvement in two offshore companies after his name appeared in the so-called Panama Papers leaks.

US signs trade deal with Argentina during Obama trip

The United States and Argentina sealed a major trade deal on the first day of President Barack Obama's visit Wednesday, bolstering the efforts of his counterpart to end a decade-and-a-half of international financial isolation.

Argentina to borrow $15 billion to pay creditors

Argentina aims to borrow $15 billion when it returns to debt markets so it can pay off international creditors who have sued it in a U.S. court, the government said.

Argentina starts talks with ‘vulture’ creditors

Argentina's new government began negotiations with hedge fund creditors Monday, amid reports it wants them to write off up to a quarter of their bonds to settle a long-running dispute.

Argentina eyes debt deal with US investors

Argentina's President Mauricio Macri said he hoped for a "reasonable agreement" with the country's foreign creditors when he re-launches negotiations over billions of dollars of debt with U.S. investors Wednesday.

Argentina’s Macri spars with Venezuela in first trip abroad

Argentine President Mauricio Macri, in his first trip abroad since assuming office, inserted himself into an international dispute by calling for the release of prisoners in Venezuela that human rights groups say are being held for political reasons.

Argentine peso loses 30 percent of value after controls lifted

The Argentine peso lost 30 percent of its value on Thursday after the new pro-business government scrapped the foreign exchange restrictions introduced by its leftist predecessors.

Argentina announces end of forex restrictions

Argentina said Wednesday it will eliminate the foreign exchange restrictions that have propped up the official value of the peso since 2011, setting up a potentially painful devaluation.

Mauricio Macri overcame privilege to become Argentina president

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Argentina's new President Mauricio Macri was dismissed by rivals as a spoiled elitist, but tapped frustration with the sinking economy to put an end to 12 years of left-wing rule.

Argentina central bank president quits under pressure from Macri

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Argentina Central Bank President Alejandro Vanoli resigned Wednesday under pressure from President-elect Mauricio Macri, who plans to remove currency controls with reserves standing at a nine-year low.

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