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Everyone loves Costa Rican seafood – but how was it caught?

Costa Rica desperately needs an honest method to certify sustainably caught seafood.

Thousands of dead fish wash up from Gulf of Nicoya

Hordes of sardines washed ashore on the Gulf of Nicoya Wednesday morning in a bizarre phenomenon that may have to do with the species' eating habits.

Shark species win international protection despite Costa Rica’s abstention

Despite Costa Rica's lack of support for protecting the silky shark or bigeye thresher, the two shark species will receive increased protection in international waters under CITES.

Ocean conservation group files lawsuit against new shrimp trawling licenses

Ocean conservation group MarViva filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court onThursday, alleging that the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute illegally renewed three shrimp trawling licenses following a court order not to do so. Incopesca denies the allegations.

First shrimp trawling license expires Wednesday, following ban in Costa Rica

Costa Rica will begin slowly phasing out shrimp trawling Tuesday with the first permanent expiration of a trawling license. The Capitán Bonilla will become the first vessel forced to discontinue the practice following an August court ruling that declared shrimp trawling unconstitutional.

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