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Deadline to pay marchamo ends at midnight Monday

More than 200,000 motorists have yet to pay.

Costa Rican officials agree ‘to study’ bikers’ demands after another day of protest

Motorcyclists blocked various routes throughout the capital on Tuesday, demanding a decrease in circulation permit costs.

Costa Rican biker protest ends without agreement

Motorcycle owners say they are being unfairly charged for vehicle circulation permits.

Marchamo payments begin this week

The deadline to pay year-end auto insurance is Dec. 31.

Marchamo auto circulation permit fees go up for 2012

To find out how much your marchamo will cost, you can send a text message to 1467 with the word “marchamo” and your car’s license plate number.

Marchamo payments will not include traffic camera fines

Drivers who received $600 speeding tickets through the now-suspended traffic camera system will get a reprieve from payment until the Sala IV rules on the legality of exorbitant traffic fines.

Deadline Looming For Marchamo Payment

It’s that time of year again: Time to pay the vehicle circulation permit, otherwise known as the marchamo. Payments are due Dec. 31. The fee, which...

Marchamo Conflict May Reach World Trade Organization

A regional conflict over Costa Rica’s attempt to impose a new electronic vehicle circulation system for incoming cargo trucks may reach the World Trade...

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