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USA and other countries in the region will ask to activate TIAR in the face of Venezuela crisis

TIAR is a regional mutual military defense agreement that provides a legal framework for a possible foreign intervention.

Venezuela condemned by OAS for ‘systematic’ rights abuses

Under Maduro, the once-rich oil producer has spiraled into a severe crisis that has driven millions of Venezuelans to leave the country.

Costa Rica holds Maduro regime responsible for diplomat’s safety

The Central American country indicated that it "holds the regime (of Maduro) responsible for the personal safety and integrity of the representative of the State of Costa Rica" in Venezuela.

Costa Rica demands Maduro-accredited diplomats leave country

Alvarado has warned that “Costa Rica will not support a military intervention of any kind" in Venezuela.

Four dead in clashes ahead of Venezuela protests

At least four people have died following overnight clashes ahead of Wednesday's rival protests in Venezuela by supporters and opponents of President Nicolas Maduro, police and a non-governmental organization said.

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