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Luis Guillermo Solís inauguration

President Solís tries to weed out corruption, starting with the bushes

Luis Guillermo Solís started his first day in office as president bright and early Friday morning, and the historian-turned-president already has starting shaking things up, starting with the gardening.

In 1st act as president, Solís asks Cabinet members to sign a code of ethics

Luis Guillermo Solís on Thursday asked all his Cabinet members to sign a code of ethics requiring their efforts in public office to be marked by morality, transparency and open access to information for the public and the media.

Solís becomes Costa Rica’s 47th president amid high expectations for change

Historian and political scientist Luis Guillermo Solís on Thursday became the 47th president of Costa Rica amid high expectations for change from voters who want corruption rooted out of politics and more policies to reduce social inequality.

9 things we can expect from Costa Rica’s new president, Luís Guillermo Solís

After coming from behind the pack in a first round of elections, President Luis Guillermo Solís ran practically unopposed in an April runoff. From the information gleaned from his detailed platform and public comments, here are a few things we can likely expect (and not) from the Solís administration.

Representatives from 80 countries to attend Luis Guillermo Solís’ inauguration on Thursday

The organizing committee in charge of the inauguration of Costa Rican President-elect Luis Guillermo Solís said that six presidents – mostly from Central America – will attend official ceremonies in San José on Thursday, May 8.

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