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News briefs: Costa Rica news highlights to start your week

We hope you're reading this with a delicious Costa Rican coffee or traditional gallo pinto. Here's the Costa Rica (and regional) news you should know as a new week begins. 

Costa Rica mired in difficult internal negotiations regarding agreement with IMF

President Alvarado and Corrales agreed that the absence of an agreement will bring dire consequences for the country, with the risk of a higher deficit, devaluation and consequent inflation, more poverty and more unemployment.

IMF confirms beginning of conversations with Costa Rica for $1.75 bn loan

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Thursday confirmed it has begun preliminary negotiations with Costa Rica for a $1.75 billion loan.

IMF predicts ‘partial and uneven’ recovery in Latin America due to Covid-19

The IMF has granted emergency aid to almost 80 countries, 20 of them in Latin America. And Okamoto said it remains ready to support the nations in need.

Costa Rican Presidency makes its case for IMF loan

The Costa Rican Presidency hopes to generate internal support before its planned negotiations for $1.75 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

President of Legislative Assembly doesn’t see viability of Costa Rica’s IMF proposal

Critics of the Costa Rica's IMF proposal say it relies too heavily on new taxes rather than on other cost-saving measures. 

President Carlos Alvarado reduces salary in the face of economic crisis

The president's announcement came as the Legislative Assembly discussed a government proposal to cut 15% of the government's highest wages, including those of lawmakers.

Costa Rica announces cuts in public spending in the face of pandemic crisis

The budget cuts will be the largest in Costa Rica's history, President Carlos Alvarado said, as the world faces the coronavirus pandemic.

Nicaragua doctors fired for criticizing government over COVID-19

In contrast to restrictions in other Latin American countries, Nicaragua has been criticized for an almost complete absence of measures to contain the virus. 

Nicaraguan doctors criticize government secrecy about pandemic

Nicaraguan medical associations called the population into voluntary quarantine, but compliance has been difficult for much of the population.

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