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Lawmakers' salary

New lawmakers present bill to eliminate automatic wage increases for themselves

The National Liberation Party’s top lawmaker, Juan Luis Jiménez Succar, on Thursday submitted his party’s first bill to reform the "Lawmakers' Salaries Law” in order to eliminate automatic wage increases of 5 percent that legislators receive twice a year.

4 lawmakers attempt to boost their teachers’ pensions by calculating them based on higher Assembly salaries

Costa Rica’s High School Teachers' Association on Wednesday said that four lawmakers, who previously worked as educators, filed applications to increase their pensions by taking into account their salaries as legislators rather than wages they earned as teachers.

3 political parties say new legislators will reverse a law passed by predecessors to set Assembly salaries

Thanks to a 2010 law passed by lawmakers governing their own salaries, members of Costa Rica's Legislative Assembly currently receive 5 percent raises on their salaries twice a year, while other public workers receive 0.43 percent.

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