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Lawmakers 2014-2018

Legislative Assembly approves new traffic fines

The highest fines of ₡306,850 ($533) will apply for drivers who refuse to take a breathalyzer test or for owners of vehicles causing noise above the allowed decibel limit.

Lawmakers approve Social Security loan, highway fund during extraordinary period

Costa Rica's Legislative Assembly passed six bills in August, including funding for several big projects but excluding the major bills supporters hoped would get passed.

Opposition parties maintain control over Legislative Assembly

President Luis Guillermo Solís will have to step up his negotiating skills to deal with a Legislative Assembly leadership that doesn't include a single lawmaker from his party — just like in his first year in office.

Lawmakers mostly unsatisfied with work in their second year in office

As Costa Rica's legislature ends its second year in office, most party leaders agree that little progress was made during the recently-ended legislative session.

Setback for Solís: Opposition parties gain control of Costa Rica’s legislative directorate

Lawmakers from the ruling Citizen Action Party (PAC) and administration officials will have to step up their negotiating skills over the next year if they hope to pass their legislative agenda.

Less-than-impressive: It’s been a year of few achievements by Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly

In one year, a fragmented Legislative Assembly formed by lawmakers from nine parties passed only 47 bills – of which only a few were of substance.

Lawmakers ask President Solís to dismiss housing minister

Minister Rosendo Pujol Mesalles said the legislators’ request was inappropriate. "Resigning at this time for me would be like playing the game of those who do not trust the system and who do not believe in the changes we are implementing," he said.

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