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Latin America commerce

Coveted and criticized, Latin America’s rich multiply

They buy 10 Porsches a day and travel the world by private jet, toting their Louis Vuitton bags and leaving behind a faint scent of Chanel. They are Latin America's super-rich, and they are multiplying faster than anywhere in the world.

New strain of banana fungus threatens world harvests

A type of Fusarium wilt appeared this year in Australia's main banana-growing state after spreading to Asia and Africa. While the fungus has been around since the 1990s and has yet to affect top exporter Ecuador, Fresh Del Monte Produce called it a potential "big nightmare." The United Nations says the disease threatens supply, and Latin American growers are taking steps to limit the risk.

GlobalTies highlights role of public diplomacy at 2015 Latin America Dialogue

“The United States and all countries south of us should and need to do business with each other. ... There’s no need to go to China when you have Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Chile."

Costa Rica ranks 83rd in the world for doing business

Other countries are outpacing Costa Rica when it comes to improving the ease of doing business, according to a press release from the World Bank. The World Bank's 2015 Doing Business report ranked Costa Rica 83rd out of 189 economies in the world for ease of doing business – down five spots from 2014 due in part to an adjustment of the annual study’s methodology.

Mexico said set to announce new capital airport opening in 2018

MEXICO CITY — President Enrique Peña Nieto is poised to announce a new, larger airport for Mexico City that would open in 2018 to end persistent delays at Latin America's busiest hub, people with direct knowledge of the plan said.

Mexico opens new era as Peña Nieto signs energy legislation

MEXICO CITY – President Enrique Peña Nieto on Monday formally opened Mexico's state-controlled energy industry to private investment, saying the nation will accelerate steps for the first round of private contracts.

Latin America, Israel trade after trading insults

It's a long way from Tel Aviv to Brasilia, but the journey just got a bit longer.

Japan’s Abe calls Latin America ‘indispensable partner’

Brazil is home to the largest Japanese community outside of Japan, with a population of some 1.8 million people of Japanese descent. About 60 percent live in the southeastern and most developed state of São Paulo.

Chinese leader’s visit has big implications for Latin America

Images from this trip will help President Xi Jinping project an image of a strong China to the Chinese people.

Even without diplomatic ties, Costa Rica still ranks as Taiwan’s top Central America trade partner

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Seven years ago, Costa Rican President Óscar Arias outraged Taiwanese officials by breaking diplomatic relations with the prosperous island nation and aligning Costa Rica instead with mainland China. Yet Costa Rica remains Taiwan’s largest Central American trading partner by far, with bilateral trade consistently outpacing the region’s other countries

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