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La Platina

Hablando paja: What if Jesus had been born in Costa Rica?

A Costa Rican Nativity scene: one Wise Man falls through La Platina, another into a pothole. The last one calls Joseph. Mae, I’ll be there later, ya casi llego. Traffic, mae. Es que vieras que en La Uruca hay UUUUna presa…

Government to shut down CONAVI, National Concessions Council, and create new infrastructure agency based on performance

Public Works and Transport Minister Carlos Segnini on Wednesday announced the creation of a new agency called the National Infrastructure Institute (INI), and the imminent closing of the National Roadway Council (CONAVI) and the National Concessions Council (CNC). Employees who don't do their jobs could eventually be dismissed, he said.

With friends like these, did Johnny need enemies?

Following the surprise suspension of his presidential campaign, it must be admitted that from the beginning Johnny Araya had unique hurdles to overcome as a National Liberation Party candidate. The early frontrunner in this campaign, he nonetheless was burdened with the history that no Costa Rican party has won the presidential election for a third consecutive term.

Repairs to infamous ‘La Platina’ bridge start next Wednesday

Following renovation, the bridge's weight capacity will increase from 22 to 40 tons.

Government has no funds to build road to San Ramón

Costa Rica's budget for road repairs is already allocated on other projects.

More delays: ‘La Platina’ Bridge won’t be repaired until next administration

A new bridge will be finished in December 2014.

‘La Platina’ Bridge to close Wednesday night, Saturday for repairs

Workers will fix a hole that appeared last Friday.

Costa Rican bridges vulnerable to earthquakes

The country's bridges lack regular maintenance works. Several bridges have been waiting more than 20 years for necessary repairs.

‘La Platina’ bridge head loses job

María Ramírez, who’s in charge of bridges for the Public Works and Transportation Ministry (MOPT), lost her job after failing to solve the problem...

Public Transportation Minister: ‘Platina Bridge a failure’

$3.8 million of construction in 2011 couldn't save infamous bridge.

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