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Jimmy Carter

US ex-President Jimmy Carter declares he’s free of cancer

Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter told church parishioners in his native Plains, Georgia, on Sunday that he is free of cancer, U.S. media reported. The 91-year-old Nobel peace laureate and global humanitarian recently had a tumor from his liver removed, only to find four melanoma spots on his brain.

How Jimmy Carter has long pursued peace, justice and care for those on the margins

Carter's address captured the attention of Hunter Thompson of Rolling Stone magazine. During the course of his speech, Carter noticed that Thompson had briefly left the room; he surmised that the self-proclaimed "gonzo journalist" had simply exited to refresh whatever adult beverage he was drinking that day. Thompson, however, scurried to the parking lot to retrieve a tape recorder so he could record what he believed was an extraordinary moment: a politician who dared to speak the truth.

Former US President Jimmy Carter says cancer has spread to his brain

"I'm perfectly at ease with whatever comes," Carter said at a news conference at the Carter Center in Atlanta.

Former US President Jimmy Carter, 90, announces that he has cancer

Carter, 90, said the disease was discovered during recent liver surgery to remove "a small mass" and that the cancer "is now in other parts of my body."

Former US President Jimmy Carter cuts Guyana trip short after falling ill

The 90-year-old Carter left the country for the city of Atlanta in his home state of Georgia, The Carter Center said. The nature of his illness was not disclosed.

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