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Former Costa Rican vice president elected to Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Elizabeth Odio Benito, a Costa Rican lawyer and former vice president, has a long resume of accomplishments in international human rights and national government.

IVF Watch: Inter-American Court of Human Rights demands answers from noncompliant Costa Rica

Costa Rica is (still) the only country in the Western Hemisphere to ban IVF.

Costa Rica government says it will reinstate in vitro fertilization within 6 months

Costa Rica is the only country in the Western Hemisphere to completely ban in vitro fertilization. Some 70 couples are suing the government for denying them the right to undergo the procedure, asking for compensation of up to ₡150 million each.

Shunned by lawmakers, plaintiffs seeking Costa Rica IVF legalization turn to President Solís for help

A draft currently pending discussion by members of the Legislative Assembly’s Social Affairs Committee has over 300 motions against its approval.

Costa Rica violates women’s human rights in therapeutic abortion cases, say complaints at Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

The complaints “seek to expose the government’s systematic failures in providing women with a protocol to handle therapeutic abortion requests when the health and lives of women are endangered.”

Next up for new ombudswoman Montserrat Solano: Costa Rica’s inaction on in vitro fertilization

An attorney representing 22 couples involved in a legal dispute with the Costa Rican government regarding its failure to legalize in vitro fertilization has turned to the country's new ombudswoman, Monserrat Solano Carboni, for help.

Abortion and politics on the campaign trail

Last week, ruling party presidential candidate Johnny Araya tried to claim the mantle of family values, accusing opposition candidate Luis Guillermo Solís of having a different position than that of his own Citizen Action Party. While the abortion question could prove combustible in Costa Rica, Araya is not well positioned to strike the match.

Costa Rican legislators face criminal suit for failing to pass IVF law

Despite being ordered by a human rights court to legalize in vitro fertilization, Costa Rican lawmakers can't even agree to a discussion of the bill.

Anti-abortion parade brings 200,000 Catholics to San José

In staging yet another protest, Costa Rica's Catholic Church aims to be heard during campaign season.

Costa Rican woman denied therapeutic abortion petitions Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Doctors at a public hospital in Costa Rica refused to perform a therapeutic abortion last November, saying the woman's life was not at risk.

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