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‘The Costa Rica model’: The New Yorker profiles Costa Rica healthcare

The New Yorker, a United States-based magazine, will highlight Costa Rica’s healthcare system in its August 30 edition.

Costa Rica studies longevity of its centenarian citizens

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Census, there are currently 626 centenarians living in Costa Rica.

Number of obese Ticos has almost quadrupled in four decades

The Social Security System has launched a new campaign seeking to change Ticos’ eating habits in order to stem a tide of increasing obesity.

Only three in ten Costa Rican workers have savings for retirement

An aging population makes voluntary pension savings increasingly important in Costa Rica, but a recent support shows relatively few Ticos are starting to save.

Study: Costa Rica improves healthy life expectancy

Recent research found that the Healthy Life Expectancy of Costa Ricans averages 71.85 years for women and 69.23 years for men. Both figures are better than the world average of 64 years.

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