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glass frogs

12 Interesting Facts About Glass Frogs in Costa Rica

There have been a total of 149 species of glass frogs so far discovered, with 14 species found in Costa Rica. The most recent...

Researchers find specimen of Costa Rican frog believed to be extinct

The specimen is currently living at a UCR terrarium under permanent monitoring and aseptic conditions that are controlled for temperature and humidity. Researchers are preparing her for an amphibian conservation program.

We’re risking a mass extinction of frogs – and they’re the ‘canary in the coal mine’

Frogs are dying off at an alarming rate in Central America and in other tropical areas -- and it's not clear why.

New species of glass frog discovered in Costa Rican mountains

Tucked away in the Talamanca mountains, a tiny, semi-translucent frog has lurked out of the sites of scientists from more than a century of field work.

Amateur herpetologist goes on hike in Costa Rica cloud forest, discovers unlikely creatures

A 24-year-old herpetologist from Michigan came to Costa Rica to do research at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, and found several amphibians never before seen in the area.

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