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The 10 Best Tropical Fruits in Costa Rica to Try

One of the endless reasons why so many of us love Costa Rica is its accessibility to healthy living. The national parks of lush...

Costa Rica Fruits: 5 Curious Ones to Try

Many of us have our favorite fruits that we tend to go to daily in our routine. We may come across them in the...

Canistel in Costa Rica: A Tropical Fruit Collectible

Here's a rare tropical fruit that rates high on the collection list of home gardeners. Canistel, yellow sapote, eggfruit or zapote amarillo are just...

Kiwifruit: Don’t Let the Fuzzy Peel Scare You

It's hard to find a fruit that provides as much vitamin C as kiwifruit does. Beneath its fuzzy brown peel is a sweet green...

Star Apples: The Other Star Fruit in Costa Rica

At the end of the dry season in April and May, citrus fruits, mangos and avocados are just beginning to form young fruits here...

What is Breadfruit in Costa Rica: Everything you want to know

Common Name: Breadnut or breadfruit Spanish Name: Castaña or fruta de pan Latin Name: Artocarpus altilis Family: Moraceae Breadfruit is called fruta de pan, árbol de pan or...

Maracuya: Passion Fruit that is an enjoyable Costa Rica Treat

Maracuya, which is commonly translated to “passion fruit”, is very well-loved in Costa Rica, and for good reason. You couldn’t be blamed for thinking...

In Costa Rica is Papaya the Ultimate Health Fruit?

HOME GARDENING: Ed Bernhardt gives the rundown on growing your own yummy and salubrious papaya.

Pejibayes in Costa Rica – The Ultimate Rainy Season Fruit

Visitors to Costa Rica during the rainy season will come across the pejibaye harvest in local markets. This unusual fruit comes from a tropical palm, often called peach palm in English, and has a starchy, orange mesocarp or midsection that is edible when cooked.

500 kilos of cocaine in container destined for Spain seized in Costa Rica

Central America serves as a bridge for the shipment of drugs from the producing countries of South America to the consumer markets of the United States and Europe.

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