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Francisco Segura

Director of Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigation Police pulled into Keylor Navas spying investigation

The investigation into alleged spying by law enforcement officials on Real Madrid goalie and Costa Rican World Cup darling Keylor Navas is heading all the way to the top of the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ). On Monday morning, the Prosecutor’s Office announced it is expanding the number of prosecutors and police under investigation to include OIJ Director Francisco Segura. Segura’s name brings the total number of law enforcement officers under investigation to 29, along with 24 OIJ officials and four prosecutors.

Limón judge ordered release of known drug trafficker busted with 300 kilos of cocaine

Prosecutors in the province of Limón are furious over a judge's recent decision to release on bail a known drug trafficker busted with 300 kilograms of cocaine near the Limón airport, on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast.

Why Jairo died

Documents recently obtained by The Tico Times in the investigation of Jairo Mora’s death help unravel the mystery behind the murder of a young Costa Rican conservationist who once worked peacefully with poachers on the beach he tried to protect.

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