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Fishing Costa Rica: Tie a Ribbon Around the Yellow Sailfish Tree

When the hillsides along the Pacific Ocean bloom bright yellow, it is time to go fishing, because that is when you will see the double digit days of sailfish that makes Costa Rica a premier destination for sailfish anglers.

In San Jose Costa Rica Artisanal Fishers Demand Action off Coast of Corcovado

In San Jose, artisanal fishers demand action off coast of Corcovado As fish stocks are diminished, so is the livelihood of artisanal fishers. For years,...

Costa Rica’s oceans and Covid-19

When Costa Rica returns to the healthy ocean, we can exploit it again and end up in the same boat, so to speak, as before.

Costa Rica Fishing: The Evolution of the Hero Shot

New technology has given us something better than a hero shot.

Attack of jellyfish turns deadly on sea farms

Researchers are seeking to develop a system, akin to weather forecasting, to help predict the movement of jellyfish blooms and prevent fish deaths.

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