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Feds say they’re finally going after bad guys on Wall Street

This week, the U.S. Justice Department issued a memorandum urging prosecutors to put corporate leaders in the financial sector and other industries in the dock for any criminal wrongdoing.

China’s journey from new normal to stock market crisis epicenter

"What I want to emphasize is that regional or systemic financial crisis will not happen in China, and the Chinese economy will not head for a hard landing," Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said last January. Roughly seven months later, China finds itself at the epicenter of a global stock market rout that has vaporized $8 trillion in wealth.

Europe, US markets rally on China rate cut

LONDON – European and U.S. shares rebounded on bargain-hunting Tuesday as China cut interest rates after fears of a slowdown in the world's second-biggest economy sparked a "Black Monday" rout across global markets.

Citigroup pays $180 million to settle hedge fund fraud case

"Advisers at these Citigroup affiliates were supposed to be looking out for investors' best interests, but falsely assured them they were making safe investments even when the funds were on the brink of disaster," said Andrew Ceresney, director for the SEC's enforcement division.

Banks reopen, taxes rise as Greece pays billions to creditors

ATHENS, Greece – Greece's government hiked taxes and paid billions of euros to its creditors on Monday, as banks reopened just days after the debt-laden country reached a reforms-for-cash deal with its European partners.

After Greece’s apparent ‘No’ to bailout terms, Germany and France call for a eurozone summit on Greece

There are no explicit provisions in EU rules for summits of eurozone leaders, but they can be held in exceptional circumstances.

Euro holds steady after Greece defaults

TOKYO, Japan – The euro held steady in Asia on Wednesday as traders shrugged off the widely expected default by Greece, with focus now turning to the weekend's referendum, which could determine the country's eurozone future.

What if there’s no deal on rescuing Greece by June 30 deadline?

The question is whether investors should get worried or if it's just another date in the calendar that government leaders and creditors will work around.

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